Sleepless in Tokyo—Samuel Strathman

After “The Grudge 2” (2006)

In the closet,
there’s a boy
with a cat
in his mouth.

He calls the ceiling 
dwellers down
for a game
of Gin Rummy
under the bed.

Stakes are limb
by limb.


The boy is also
a long-haired trickster
in disguise.

Once you’re in
the estate,
chances are a eulogy
has already been drafted
for the temple,
sleepless in Tokyo.

Old faithful
has crypsis in spades,
paws capsizing
the heart-shaped bed
like Jaws.

After a beat,
the boy creeps
back into the closet,
awaits his next set 
of victims.

Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, educator, and the founder/editor-in-chief of Floodlight Editions.

photo by Andre Benz (via unsplash)