Séance—Morgan L. Ventura

Every night I wait for you in the harbour
and every night you never return.
Are you the tattered sail on the horizon,
the ghost ship re-enacting its death

on that overdrawn border wedged
between earth and sky? Barnacles
hush me with their bleached blistered
lips. They wash over me like an elegy.

When I return to our home again
I realise everything is empty.
Even the fireplace is devoid of ashes.
And you. You are standing there

over a coffin whose contents I’ll never see.
Love, I am so chilled, won’t you please hold me again.

Morgan L. Ventura (They/she) is a poet and writer based between Ireland and Mexico. Their poetry and fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Strange HorizonsLackington’s, and Pastel Pastoral: Gothic Issue, among others. You can find Ventura on Twitter: @hmorganvl. They believe in ghosts.

photo by Castorly Stock (via pexels)