Catches Dreams—Jowell Tan

there’s a ghost
who’s lived here
for years now;

while we sleep,
he floats in –
eats our dreams.


“why our dreams?”
you might ask.
well, you see;

dreams scare us.
make us shake,
scream and shout. 

dreams hurt us. 
keep us up
late at night.

the ghost comes,
eats our dreams;
grants us peace.


“just bad dreams?”
you might ask.
well, you see;

as payment,
the ghost eats
good dreams too.

we part with
of past joys.

we wake with
gaps in our


to keep peace
in our lives,
there’s a cost. 

his service

Born, bred, and based in Singapore, Jowell Tan writes prose & poetry after hours for fun and emotional release. His nights consist of writing, rewriting, watching videos on Youtube to avoid writing, and finally, writing again. Please say hello to him on Twitter / Instagram at @jwlltn.

He thanks you for your time.

photo by Jr Korpa (via unsplash)