Two Poems—Halcyon

Empty Knots

Sometimes you are a monster 
with crocodile eyes, vulpine fangs, and a forked tongue.
You will steal, deceive, mangle, and curse. 

Sometimes your shadow will appear twice as large.
The hollows of yourself that you never expected to hold any power
will frighten you. 

It is nothing but hot air. 
You will realize the shapes you see are just tricks of the moon.
Every bedtime creepy-crawler: 
a figment of play. 

Sometimes you are the monster, bearing the clench of a smile.
Sometimes you are the one staring back with the eyes of a child.
Remember the hot air; 
those are bags full of ghosts.

Past Tense

Yellow eyes leer out from empty streets
They multiply behind your shoulder as you pass
Temptation licks your ear 
You want to look back— 

Wait until the road has caved in 
Wait for the moonlight to blaze the sky white
When they tell you to calm down—
burn everything.

Halcyon (they/them) is a non-binary, queer artist of Mexican and Pin@y descent. They’re also an online sex worker, student, and artist. Halcyon’s work is eclectic and fluid; ranging from playful to serious, erotic to sombre. They explore all realms as they believe it an important expression in reclaiming one’s sexuality, spirituality, and autonomy.

photo by Francesco Ungaro (via unsplash)