How to Build a Haunted House—Beulah Vega

The trick is
what gets left behind

A chair in dusty brown
cracking under un-curtained

The window seat
cushions embroidered
in amethyst and emerald
two-hundred french knots
forming one hydrangea.

The window latch
never fixed
letting in sighs, starlings
and snowdrifts

Dust mites dancing
on extinct hardwood
dulled under dirtied wax

A single page
its corners nibbled
by the descendants
of rats raised on our bread
all now absent 
as footsteps 
on day-old snow
the letters faded
save those that spell
‘Don’t Forget’

The memory of

Beulah Vega is a writer, poet, and theatrical artist living and working in California’s Bay Area.  Her poetry has been published in The Literary Nest, Sage Cigarettes, Walled Women, and Blood & Bourbon among others. Her first book of poetry A Saga for the Unrequited was published in August of 2021 by Fae Corp Publishing. She is still amazed when people refer to her as a writer, every time.

To follow her lunacy (artistic and otherwise), find her on Facebook @BFVegaAuthor and Instagram/Twitter @Byronwhoknew

photo by Elias Schupmann (via unsplash)