In the House of Memory—Ariel K. Moniz

Some rooms of my memory
are flooded with golden light, 
and you are there, Cupid-lipped—
inviting me into your arms
from the coldness of living. 

In other rooms, too many of them
you are cavern-eyed and so hungry
the very touch of it undoes me—
I too become a phantom who doesn’t know
it’s her own heart she is haunting. 

Ariel K. Moniz is a lifelong writer, emerging poet, and avid reader. She is a witch, a womanist, and a wanderer who embraces life through the written word. Her work has been published in Bloodbath Literary Zine, Vamp Cat Magazine, and Pussy Magic, among others. She is currently working on her first poetry collection as well as a novel. Visit her at

photo by Eleni Trapp (via unsplash)