Three Poems—Aepril Schaile

sure, I am the Girl

sure, I am 
        the Girl
        the forest.

but I am also
        the Wolf.

and I have cut
        myself, out of my
        own belly, with a

        double-headed axe.

riding and howling.
holy red


by the lunatic light
              of the


The Moon is a Hexagon
unleashing blood powers
in the sign of the Twins

7 thorns 
              for each trouble 
I bury them 
under the 

7 thorns 
              for 7 kinds of anguish 
I bury them 
under the 

6 sides and 7 corners 
12 signs and 7 planets 
2 pairs of 3 sisters, curses for 7
generations 14 days until the eclipse of the

the stars are ablaze tonight 
they each have position; a
fate-say the planets have hours 
the Moon has mansions 
the Moon is very red, 
              I see red 

I bury my troubles
under a 

I, now, Cailleach 
winter hag, 
winter hag, 
winter hag 

gnarled arms twisting upward,
              ah that red Moon! 
a fae silhouette, 
              ah that night air! 
they daren’t 
              cut me down 
I am a mouth full of curses,
                             a triumph! 

I can smell storax through my veil
I can smell the blood in the land I
can hear myself howling

I do not see a world of the living

I do not see a world of the living. 
oh dark oh dark oh dark 

I walk the mountains 
                             clouds race past stars 
I scythe bane plants for my basket 

beneath a Moon gone to blood 
                             chanting them to power 

they come forth as their spirit 
                             Lus Mór. Great Herb. 
                             Venus. Saturn: not to be ingested 
lest it burst one’s heart 

I do not see a world of the living. 
oh dark oh dark oh dark 

                             there’s such a grief in me; Witch’s Bells 
                                      Ringing ringing ringing 
I’ve been burned at the stake so many times 
             I laugh as my wings open with the rising heat 
I know this story; get your pitchforks 

I’m cast like a villain: 
             like a Blackthorn. Bitter as fuck. 

I do not see a world of living 
Oh dark oh dark oh dark 

I saw a raven in a Larsen trap 
             Mór Rigan in a cage 
             yes, she foretold the end of the world; 
                                        in the hot sun in this field 
They’re legal as long as you 

             leave water and food 
             rancid offerings 

I’m an outlaw; a heretic 
             I undo the knots and open the door 
delicate creature 

                            I held her brief and soft 
                                                          like air 
                                           she screamed in silence 

before I set her free 
flying weak and fierce and fast to the trees 

             I know, I know, 
                            I’m a wild thing, too… 

I do not see a world of living 
Oh dark oh dark oh dark 

I’ve a throne in the forest 
Sunday families out walking hear me weep 
(Ah that was nothing…c’mon…) 

             But I’m in the river, 
                            washing, washing, washing 
                            the bloody garments 
             I’m tripping over trash dumped 

And you…what’s that? 
Ah, you have butter and honey 
             You all need to listen; I have advice 

My chants will win the war; stop 
                                            talking. Stop.

I do not see 
             a world of the living 

*“I do not see a world of the living.” 
—words of the Irish goddess The Morrigan; Her prophecy in the Cath Maige Tuired

Aepril Schaile is an American Witch living in Ireland. She frequents standing stones and forests with her fae canine Gwyddie; her phone is perpetually at capacity with photos of him. Aepril is a bellydancer and performance artist who has toured the US and Europe. She has been published in Coven Poetry Journal and Mistress magazine, and has performed her poetry in conjunction with dance at various events including The Irish Network for the Study of Esotericism and Paganism (INSEP)’s Magic(k) & Festivals Conference at UCC, Soul Noir in Dublin, and ABRAXAS Dance Theatre’s Rara Avis in Boston, MA. She holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art.

photo by Jr Korpa (via unsplash)