Seeking the wonderful and the bizarre,
the beautiful and dark…

Crow & Cross Keys is a new, online literary journal that plucks fiction and poetry from skeletal trees and gives it a place to take root.

We love writing that sings: strong, unexpected imagery; lyrical prose; and an afterimage that lasts long after the lights go out. Crow & Cross Keys seeks to be a haven for all things speculative. Give us your fairy tales and your fables, sneak a scary story under the mat. Share with us poetry that whispers and shouts, and demands it be heard over the din of the wind.

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Elou Carroll is a graphic designer and freelance photographer who writes. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with English Literature from the University of Chester and a Master’s in Publishing from Oxford Brookes. You can find her on twitter @keychild.

She likes to catch ideas in jars and stash them away until she is ready to eat them. She would one day like to build a goldfish circus and often obeys the whims of inanimate objects.

You can find her work on


Frequently seen in your peripheral vision, or hovering just behind your shoulder, the giant one-eyed cat made of shadows has been known to yowl in the night, catch thunder in her wide mouth and crunch stars between her teeth.

When she isn’t curled in dark corners, she stalks the night in search of errant crows and sleepwalking stories. The giant one-eyed cat made of shadows parades poems to their proper places, lest they get lost among the dust.