The Daughter of a Witch—Bianca Grace

content warning: implied violence, trauma

My mother 
was born 
on All Hallows’ Eve
in a hospital with cauldrons 
of potions
beside the delivery table
and doctors 
up as butchers. 
I flew into the world 
six days early 
with a birthmark
on my backside,
evidence of magical 
spells cast 
in a past life.
The night she lays
my future on the table, 
I confess 
my sidekick is a ghost
who haunts 
my dreams, 
delivers dark messages 
and sinister warnings.
It’s true, 
this is too much voodoo 
for a healer
when she cries, 
you must protect
yourself. I ignore her pleas
and my spirit 
comes alive 
when I dance
with the devil 
on the desk
in my bedroom.
I join a coven, 
write spells
and create 
with metaphors
and line breaks
to pack a punch 
of love and tenderness.
We bring political issues
to the forefront
and cast 
poems out with a click 
to all parts of the web
to reach
the entire world.
My circle
softens me.
They wave
a wand 
and shred
my heart open
like no other witches can.

Bianca Grace is a poet living in Australia. She is a reader for Sledgehammer Lit and Full House Lit. Her work has appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Selcouth Station, Capsule Stories, The Daily Drunk Mag, Postscript Magazine and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter: @Biancagrace031

photo by cottonbro (via pexels)