Above the Curdled World A Giant Green Breathing—Sarah Wallis

In Llangollen you can see the trees breathing,
the reverse of you and I at respiration, in transpiration

the tall, yogic forest exhales calm, deliberate, and slow,
a dark green giant at rest and gentle rumble, rumination

forming clouds of steam above the train – hyperventilating
at the platform –

and what looks like a general mist or low-lying cloud,
hovering above the green station now is a gift,

allowing harmony, in the living breathing, then and how.

Sarah Wallis is a writer based in Scotland, with work published in journals cross genre, poetry and flash fiction, and she has had a number of pieces staged. She has two chapbooks out in the world – Medusa Retold @fly_press / Quietus Makes an Eerie @dancinggrlpress, her website is sarahwallis.net and she tweets @wordweave

photo by veeterzy (via unsplash)