Food For Crows—Beth Brooke

Some time after you left 
I took myself off 
to a quiet spot
at the edge of the woods.

I lay on the grass, thought it was
time I gave my heart an inspection 
so I took it out.

It had shrunk to  
the size of a walnut.

That’s when the crow took it,
plucked that heart right out 
of my hand as I held it to the light;
flew off with it, carried it high 
in the horse chestnut tree –
remember the one?

I thought the crow must have a 
nest with young, and my heart 
would help to raise them.

I liked the thought of that,
since you had no need for 
my heart anymore and 
from the look of things,
I didn’t either.

Beth is a retired teacher, born in the Middle East but now living in Dorset so unsurprisingly she loves chalk downs and deserts. She will have her debut collection, A Landscape With Birds published by Hedgehog Press in 2022. She is an enthusiastic member of the Twitter poetry community and can be found as @BethBrooke8.

photo by Alex Dukhanov (via unsplash)