3am—Alexandra Grunberg

I am waiting for happy moments
to come crawling out of graves

like loved ones dripping with
pearls of human teeth, the kind of

shock that wakes you up
from just another nightmare

I breathe in the hours of night
that has already turned to morning

searching for daylight on a
horizon that is still sleeping

but the zombie apocalypse must be
coming, I learned in each

fairy tale and Hollywood movie
that everything you have lost

is only waiting in the earth
and hope will splinter solid rock

with broken fingernails
and a mouthful of dirt

Alexandra Grunberg is a Glasgow based poet, author, and screenwriter. Her poetry has appeared in Disquiet Arts, The Raven Review, and Southchild Lit. She enjoys obsessing over fictional supernatural villains, hillwalking to isolated locations, and towns that are more character than setting.

photo by Jr Korpa (via unsplash)