Did You Hear About the Girl—Alexandra Grunberg

And no one will mourn
or ask where I have gone
There will be no mysteries
to be read 
               in the footsteps
I leave behind
               in the snow
clues in a mystery 
leave them be

When the sun rises and you wake
a dream,             half-forgotten
a person,            who you knew
who once left 
               in the snow
Wonder quietly 
Keep your theories
They are all wrong
They are all unwanted

Did you hear about the girl
               who floated,                                   so high
                              like a snowflake
                                             on a whispered breeze



Alexandra Grunberg is a Glasgow based poet, author, and screenwriter. Her poetry has appeared in Honey & Lime, Red Eft Review, and From Glasgow to Saturn. She enjoys obsessing over fictional supernatural villains, hillwalking to isolated locations, and towns that are more character than setting.


photo by Jp Valery (via unsplash)