Crow & Cross Keys is a new, online literary journal that plucks fiction and poetry from skeletal trees and gives it a place to take root.

Send us your skeleton keys, your tar-black feathers, send us your calcified forests and ramshackle castles. Take us somewhere beautiful and dark and strange.


First Blood—Lyndsey Croal

I reach under the sink and grab the bucket and rubber gloves, still slightly bloodstained from last month. El appears behind me. ‘Gutters clogged again?’ I look up at her and nod. ‘Have you seen the goggles?’ I don’t want to…

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Honey Trap—Maddie Bowen-Smyth

“You’ll adore the distillery, my darling,” Magnus promises, and Catalina knows better than to trust the pretty words of lovesick, stupid boys. (Should know better, anyway. Yet here she is.)…

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